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Lek and the Dogs – Trailer – SFF 18

The 65th Sydney Film Festival – 6-17 June 2018

A mesmerising narrative film meets art piece by British experimental artist Andrew Kötting. Inspired by the true story of a four-year-old who lived with wild dogs in Moscow.
Adapted from the award-winning play by Hattie Naylor, Lek and the Dogs is a wildly original film. In ravaged and poverty stricken Moscow, four year old Ivan Mishukov walked out of his apartment. The child spent two years living on the streets with a pack of feral dogs, who offered him warmth, tenderness and protection. Using various innovative and experimental techniques – including cassette tapes recorded during that time – it’s a compelling portrait of a wounded child in a nihilistic world, and the contradictions of love.

Festival guest: Andrew Kötting




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