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Got an itchy pet? Dr. Judy interviews one of the veterinarian scientists from Kin-Kind over the subject of Itchy Pets and how to treat them. The top three reasons for itchy pets are given as well as pro tips of what to do to prevent fleas and ticks. The discussion then turns to problems with mites which are often overlooked. Other than a deficient diet and pests, some itches may be due to environmental allergens. Wiping our pets down after going outside may be the best way to help them during allergy season. Finding the right dog shampoo is also important to combat itchy pets. Essential oils are great to prevent flea and ticks from getting on our pets while other flea and tick products only kill the pests once they are on the pet. Also, Dr. Judy mentions that not all flea and tick products made for dogs are safe for cats and other pets.

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